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The electronics manufacturing industry in Australia has experienced significant growth in recent years, with a particular focus on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). Our curiosity piqued, we decided to embark on a mission to discover the top 10 PCB & PCBA manufacturers in Australia. We wanted to learn what makes each of them exceptional and uncover the secrets to their success. As we traversed the country, we gathered insights, stories, and valuable information that we couldn’t wait to share with you. So, join us on this exciting adventure as we explore the diverse and innovative world of Australian PCB & PCBA manufacturers.

1. Rowsum PCB & PCBA Manufacturer

Company Profile: Rowsum is a Hong Kong and Shenzhen-based PCB & PCBA manufacturer that specializes in providing high-quality PCB products to B2B clients worldwide, including Australia.

Location: Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China

Company Type: Electronics Manufacturing

Year Founded: 2004

Number of Employees: 160

Website URL: www.rowsum.com

Phone Number: 0755-84896912

Rowsum, though based in China, has become a top choice for Australian clients due to its commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service. Rowsum’s automated production line enables them to deliver products efficiently and cost-effectively. Their competitive advantage lies in their ability to cater to various countries, including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Rowsum’s logistics convenience, fast delivery response, and complete domestic facilities make them a popular choice among clients.

Rowsum’s strategic location in Hong Kong and Shenzhen allows them to offer quick and efficient shipping to Australia, ensuring clients receive their products in a timely manner. Their commitment to addressing client pain points such as high prices, inconsistent product quality, and lack of reliable customer service sets them apart from other manufacturers. By providing competitive pricing, high-quality products, and excellent customer service, Rowsum has established itself as a top contender for PCB & PCBA manufacturing in Australia.

2. Elexon Electronics

Company Profile: Elexon Electronics is a leading Australian electronics manufacturer, providing high-quality and innovative PCB and PCBA solutions.

Location: Brendale, Queensland

Company Type: Electronics Manufacturing

Year Founded: 2008

From my research, Elexon Electronics is known for its reliable and efficient production process. Their high-quality products are the result of a combination of state-of-the-art technology and a team of experts who cater to various industries. Customers frequently praise their prompt and professional service. Elexon’s competitive pricing and fast turnaround times make them an ideal choice for clients with tight deadlines and budget constraints. However, it’s essential to communicate your specific requirements clearly to ensure the best possible results.

3. Precision Electronic Technologies

Company Profile: Precision Electronic Technologies specializes in low to medium volume PCB and PCBA assembly.

Location: Chipping Norton, New South Wales

Company Type: Electronics Manufacturing

Year Founded: 2000

Precision Electronic Technologies has built a solid reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget. Their attention to detail and customer-centric approach set them apart from other manufacturers. Although they excel in low to medium volume production, clients with high-volume requirements might want to consider alternative manufacturers. However, for clients requiring precision and customization, Precision Electronic Technologies is a top choice.

4. Circuit Labs

Company Profile: Circuit Labs is an electronics manufacturer that focuses on PCB and PCBA production for various industries.

Location: Rydalmere, New South Wales

Company Type: Electronics Manufacturing

Circuit Labs offers a comprehensive range of PCB and PCBA services, from design to assembly. Their technical expertise and commitment to quality make them a popular choice among customers. From my experience, Circuit Labs’ responsive customer service and fast delivery times are noteworthy. However, it’s essential to clarify your project’s specifications and requirements to avoid potential misunderstandings.

5. Hetech

Company Profile: Hetech is an Australian-based electronics design and manufacturing company, providing PCB and PCBA solutions to various industries.

Location: Underwood, Queensland

Company Type: Electronics Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1990

Hetech has built a strong reputation for delivering innovative and custom solutions. Their team of skilled engineers is always ready to tackle complex projects. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is a testament to their success. One drawback to Hetech is that their pricing may be slightly higher than some competitors. However, the quality of their work and the expertise they bring to the table often justify the premium.

6. Legend Performance Technology

Company Profile: Legend Performance Technology offers PCB and PCBA manufacturing services, along with other electronic components and services.

Location: Regency Park, South Australia

Company Type: Electronics Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1998

Legend Performance Technology is a versatile company with a strong focus on quality and innovation. They have an extensive range of capabilities, making them a one-stop shop for many customers. From my research, customers highly regard their responsiveness and technical expertise. However, they may not be the best choice for small businesses or clients with tight budget constraints due to their premium pricing. For larger projects and clients seeking a comprehensive solution, Legend Performance Technology is a fantastic option.

7. Entech Electronics

Company Profile: Entech Electronics specializes in PCB and PCBA production and assembly services.

Location: Wingfield, South Australia

Company Type: Electronics Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1985

With over three decades of experience, Entech Electronics is a trusted and experienced partner for your electronics projects. They consistently deliver high-quality products and services, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is commendable. Entech Electronics is known for its competitive pricing and flexible production options. However, they may not be the best choice for clients requiring highly specialized or niche services. For general-purpose PCB and PCBA projects, Entech Electronics is an excellent option.

8. CIE Australia

Company Profile: CIE Australia provides PCB and PCBA manufacturing services, as well as electronic components and complete product solutions.

Location: Alexandria, New South Wales

Company Type: Electronics Manufacturing

CIE Australia is a versatile and customer-focused company. They offer a wide range of services, making it easy for customers to find exactly what they need. I appreciate their transparent communication and personalized approach. Although CIE Australia provides a variety of services, they may not have the same level of expertise in specific niche areas compared to other manufacturers. For projects requiring a wide range of services, CIE Australia is an excellent choice.

9. Extreme Circuits

Company Profile: Extreme Circuits is an Australian PCB and PCBA manufacturer offering quick-turn prototype and production services to various industries.

Location: Wetherill Park, New South Wales

Company Type: Electronics Manufacturing

Extreme Circuits is known for their rapid turnaround times and high-quality products. They cater to a diverse clientele and take pride in their ability to accommodate tight deadlines. From my research, customers appreciate their flexibility and attention to detail. While their quick-turn services are impressive, clients should be aware that expedited production may come at a premium cost. For those in need of a fast turnaround, Extreme Circuits is a solid choice.

10. PMS Diecasting

Company Profile: PMS Diecasting specializes in PCB and PCBA manufacturing services, as well as other electronics solutions.

Location: South Melbourne, Victoria

Company Type: Electronics Manufacturing

PMS Diecasting has a reputation for delivering top-notch PCB and PCBA services to a wide range of industries. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in their work. Their extensive experience in the field is a valuable asset to any potential client. However, clients with specialized requirements or those needing ongoing support may find that PMS Diecasting’s services may not be as comprehensive as some competitors. For general-purpose PCB and PCBA projects, PMS Diecasting is a reliable choice.


In conclusion, the top 10 PCB & PCBA manufacturers in Australia offer a diverse range of services and expertise. These companies, including Rowsum, have proven track records of delivering high-quality products and services to various industries. When choosing the right partner for your electronics projects, consider factors such as experience, customer satisfaction, technical expertise, pricing, and production capabilities. Each manufacturer has its strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to analyze your project’s specific requirements and match them with the most suitable manufacturer on this list.

We encourage you to conduct further research and reach out to these manufacturers directly for more information. By doing so, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision and ultimately find the best PCB & PCBA manufacturer to meet your specific needs. Good luck!


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